5 Ways to Utilize Pinterest to Network and Promote Your Business 2019

Instagram was essentially a site for women to share images of products and projects. This site has overtime become one of the most active social networks online and that makes it a perfect spot for you to promote your business. You can be creative and visually share your ideas here and earn a profit. The people that frequent this site love to repost and share others photos from all different types of categories. The key to social networking is to maintain balance. You have to balance the three key things which are making money, social networking, and self-promotion in order to be successful.

Here are five effortless ways to use Instagram to promote your business and earn profits.

  1. Endorse Your Own Blog – Images of your blog are pinnable, so you want to always add an image of your most recent blog posts to your board. Be sure to put a “Post it” button under each of your images. Images that are interesting tend to draw readers attention and this will persuade them to visit your blog and read the full article. Post images to this Instagram essentially creates back links to your blog and can send you a variety of new traffic to your blog and/or website. You want to develop themed boards based around categories that your website fits in. Be sure to pin your blog post images to your own boards as well.
  2. Engage Your Customers – With your boards you are able to have your customers more involved with you online. This will allow them to comment on your images, Post their favorites, and share your Instagram images with their Buy Instagram Followers UK and friends on the site. Give them a reason to enjoy interacting with you. This will definitely keep them coming back to your website often. This is how you build a relationship with your customers and website visitors while showing off your service or product.
  3. Encourage Your Customers – Nine times out of ten, customers or potential customers only view your product in one way and see it for one particular purpose. Instagram is a platform that gives you the opportunity to encourage them to use and view your product or service in different ways. This is done through the use of visual images. For example, if you sell decorative vases, take a picture of them on various tables or bookshelves and pin them for everyone to see. This stirs inspiration and lets them know that they can use them for more than one specific thing.

  1. Prove You are an Actual Person – Building relationships and making personal connections is very difficult online versus actually being face-to-face with the other person. If you create both personal and business boards on Instagram, this allows your customers and potential customers to get a feel for your personal interests as well. This opens the doorway for them to see the real person that is hidden behind that business persona. People always want to know the real person behind the scenes if you represent a huge company. So if you are an entrepreneur or own a small business, this is going to be even more crucial for you because people tend to join and buy from people and not from businesses. They want to feel a connection with you and that builds trust. Once you have trust, you have customers for life.
  2. Attach Affiliate Links To Post – You are allowed to put in your affiliate links on your post on Instagram. This opens a new door to the affiliate marketing industry. You can have boards solely dedicated to your product and make money each time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase. All you need to do is go to the ‘edit’ button under any pin and simply put your affiliate link in the place of the direct link that’s there.

Instagram is a booming network and doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon. This is an absolutely active site and a terrific place to make connections and grow your business. Not only can you earn income from this new source, but you will be able to engage your prospects and customers through the Instagram.

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