7 Tips to Gain Instagram Followers Fast 2020

Gaining Instagram followers can be fun, trying to raise your number of followers and maximise your exposure. Many celebrities can boast many millions of real followers but for the ordinary man or woman a few thousand would be a great achievement. How can you increase your Instagram following?

There are several ways that you can increase your following some will have a direct impact and others will aid you to increase the number of followers you have. These 7 tips shown here are guaranteed to help you increase your Instagram follow:

  1. Make your account public. Having an account that is private means people cannot read your Posts without being verified, this reduces the likelihood that someone will follow you as they do not know what they will be following or if it will be relative to them.


  1. Try to Post on subject. Basing your Posts around one subject will help build a loyal following and retain then, people with the same interest will be more likely to find you and add you as a Buy Active Instagram Followers UK . As a rule try to Post about 75% of the time on topic and use the other 25% to Post about personal stuff or other subjects.


  1. Post regularly. Nothing will turn off your followers quicker than a silent feed. Try to post 2 to 3 relevant quality Post every day and try to space your Posts over the day for maximum exposure.


  1. Time your Posts. Timing your tweets so they get read is important. Try to Post in the morning lunch and around 5 to 6pm. In the morning 8 to 9 is good for people before work, mid afternoon for the lunch time Instagram check and in the early evening for post work Instagram surfers.


  1. Follow people relevant to your niche. If you follow people many will follow back and if you follow those with similar interests the likelihood is they will also follow you back.


  1. Engage with your followers. By replying to question Posts or asking a question you are very likely to get a repost which puts your name further out to the followers of your followers.

  1. Make your profile pretty and relevant. Make sure you have a good clear head shot as your profile picture and play around with the profile appearance settings. A profile which is bland and uninteresting is not going to attract potential followers.

Follow these tips and you will see your follower numbers grow. See how many you can add in a given time such as a week by following this advice.

James R Clark is a HR Professional , Blogger, Daddy, Husband, Dog Owner and Tech Geek. James writes on many subjects and has his own blog where you can find out more about James R Clark [http://epicfollowers.co.uk/].

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