Follow Limits On Instagram Australia 2020

Instagram puts limits on your (and everybody else’s) account. They are on the whole pretty reasonable, like the one that says you can never follow more than 1,000 users within a 24-hour period.

But there are those that can be pretty awkward, particularly for new users, for the simple fact that they don’t know yet how to get beyond them.

Another limit is that you can only follow 20% more accounts than you have followers yourself.

That limit doesn’t apply obviously at the beginning, because you wouldn’t be able to start following people. It kicks in after you follow between 500 and 1000 people at the start.

The other important limit is that when you hit 2,000 people that you follow, that’s the end of the road for you, until all 2,000 users you follow follow you back. Which will never happen, unless you do something about it using Instagram apps that are out there.

So you want to find those people you have initially followed and that are not following you back after a reasonable amount of time, and then unfollow those, because otherwise you will be for all eternity stuck with an account where you follow 2,000 people and about 600 to 1,000 are following you back.

So let’s say you have, over time, found and unfollowed the people who are not following you back. You should be now at a ratio of 1 to 1, where you only continue to follow the people who are actually following you back. That means that now you can follow again new users.

This way you will edge closer to the 2,000 accounts that you can follow, because slowly you have weeded out those who are not following you back. By now, let’s say, you follow 2,000 people and have 1,800 who follow you back.

That’s when Instagram starts to raise the limit, and it goes up to 2,200 accounts you may follow.

Then you get in a position where 2,200 are following you back, and Instagam raises the limit again. That happens until you have about 2,500 people following you back, and that’s where this particular limit gets suspended. You’re free to go and Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

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